Pin A Quote to Pinterest by Highlight Text on Web Page


You might have used a similar bookmarklet bar that allows you to highlight any piece of text on a web page and find the meaning of it or use translation service. Similarly, if you find a beautiful quote on a web page you can highlight the text quote and pin it to Pinterest – a visual bulletin board which has amazing collection of images on the web. With the mix of images and quotes popping up all over Pinterest, the service like Pin a Quote has hit the right time!

Pin A Quote is a simple service that offers bookmarklet where you can use it to Pin a Quote or any piece of text from a web page to Pinterest board. Once you drag and drop the Pinaquote bookmarklet to your browser, you can highlight any piece of text from a webpage and pin it to Pinterest service easily.

The bookmarks work well with browsers Firefox or Google Chrome. It just captures the text and turns into a image to Pin it with Pinterest. Just a video demo below : check !

Once you’ve pinned a quote to Pinterest, while it shows the source URL in the screenshot you provided, the pin on the pinterest will end up having a linkback to the which is a nice way to boost the page rank of the author’s site.

The Pin A Quote service offers pro version for a dollar and 99 cents where you can customize the fonts and background color for the quote you Pin it to Pinterest.

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