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There are many wp database backup plugin that allows you to take full database backup of your wordpress website or blog. These wp database backup plugin lets you to backing up mysql database to your computer or you can redirect the backup file to Email accounts. Most prefer to get a wordpress online automatic database backup such as wordpress backup s3 or WordPress backup to a secure online backup service like Dropbox.

Backing up mysql database isn’t so tough. You can do it manually by going to your php myadmin or you can use wordpress plugins to do the task easily and automatic backup every day of your site. You can learn about the 10 security related things about WordPress which includes why one should take database backups often.

How To Cloud Backup Database and Send it to Dropbox ?

Today we are going to check how to back up sql database and send it automatically to a secure service like dropbox, so that you can retrive them later from anywhere and anytime. This WordPress plugin WP backup to dropbox or online backup for wordpress does mysql database backups, regular backups and send the files to dropbox automatically.

Backup to Dropbox allows you to store your wordpress database backup in your dropbox folder. Once you’ve installed a few things to configure such as allowing the plugin to authorize your dropbox account and then you’re set to go. You can set to backup wp database to dropbox or even to your local folder on your WordPress server. All you need to do is, just select the day and time that you wish your backup to be performed and select the frequency of how often you need this to backup the wp database.

If you wish to host your blog on dropbox, then check out the tutorial on How to host your blog on Dropbox ?

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WP DB to Dropbox

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  2. I been using a wordpress and i really don’t know that i can put back up files on dropbox.Anyway thanks for sharing i will look on it in wordpress.Pretty cool.

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