Multiple Bookmarks Bar in Chrome with Bookmark bar switcher


Using bookmarks in Chrome browser is bliss, because it syncs with your account and you can easily import them when ever and where ever you need. I wouldn’t say drawback, but if you’re a person who uses too much bookmark and want to organize it perfectly, you can always assign a folder an organize bookmarks. But, if you want use multiple bookmark bar for Work, Entertainment, Family, Coding related stuff etc – then by default you cannot have multiple bookmark bar on Chrome. So, extensions like these comes handy.

Bookmark bar switcher allows you to create multiple bookmark bar , add items to the bookmark bar and allows you to switch when ever you need. Suppose, if I have placed work related resources and also combined with movies list etc, Now with this extension I can separate bookmark bar for Work, for movies, etc.

I can switch it easily when ever I need just with a click. All I need to do is, just install this addon and it shows a icon next to your address bar. Click it and add a name to the new bookmark bar. So now you have created a new bookmark bar. Click the new bookmark bar name and it displays a fresh bookmark bar in your chrome. You can add links to it.

You can manage the bookmark bars in the bookmark manager. It assigns the new bookmark bar with a folder name – so you can re arrange, remove, add, drop links to it. This extension doesn’t support bookmark synchronizer which is used by default in chrome.

Download Multiple Bookmarks Chrome

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