Monitor Changes After Installing a Software with Install Monitor


Instal Monitor is a freeware Installation management software that monitors all your installed programs in the PC. It monitors the changes in software after you install them on your PC. It allows you to see the impact installing an application has such as the registry entries created, any third party toolbars or softwares which auto installs when you install the main program. So this Install Monitor freeware checks for resources that has impacted after installing a program.

Apart from monitoring a installed program, Instal Monitor is one of the best uninstall program. Usually you remove program from add remove programs Windows 7, but with this freeware you can uninstall programs which refuse to uninstall properly. Once you’ve checked the impact that the application has created, you can uninstall it clearly without any errors.

Once installed you can view all software and programs installed on Windows, right click on each software can give us more information about each one. You can see how big programs are and what changes they make. You can fix problems caused when old versions of a program do not remove themselves.

Make sure you need Windows XP SP3 or later to run Install Monitor. Once you’ve installed, open up and it will list out all the softwares that you’ve installed. Select any of them and it will display the addons or additional items that has been installed with the specific software which you’ve selected. You can check up for updates or uninstall them smoothly.

Download Install Monitor

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