Minimalist Google Reader Skin For Chrome


After Google made a huge change in their interface of popular services like Gmail, Reader etc, In Google reader, many felt the new interface of Google reader has too many white spaces, text labels changed into buttons, and felt uncomfortable to keep up with the reads and subscriptions. We also covered tips and extensions to Get Old Google reader interface back and changing old share buttons in Google reader. Apart from this, we had covered alot of apps related to Google reader for Offline read, Desktop Google reader app for Windows, Best RSS reader apps for iPhone, iPad and more.

Today we got an excellent chrome extension that turns your messy Google reader interface into a minimalist one with clear interface. More like a text only version but not exactly. It removes all the unwanted space, focuses more on the text, share buttons. All our subscription list on the left side is hidden. Just a blank grey space in the background, focusing on the black text in front.

Once you’ve installed the extension, the Google reader automatically gets a minimalist skin. All you subscriptions on the left side is hidden. Only when you hover your mouse, it is visible. Select a subscription to read and with a clear grey background, only the content is focused front. The share buttons are visible. So read the content without any disturbance in the interface.

When you move to the next content, the previous content is faded away. Similarly when you’re focusing on the current topic, the next article is faded. When you scroll down, it appears smoothly. Looks awesome and best extension for Google Reader.

The extension brings you zero-distraction reading experience and supports all the keyboard shortcuts of Google reader. Simply hit the Shift + a to mark all feeds as read.

Download, Instal Minimalist Skin for Google Reader

You can also read your Google reader feeds in a magazine style. Put them as beautiful feed walls.

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