Metro Style New Tab Page for Google Chrome


Previously we told you about the Incredible Start Pages (New tab) for Google chrome. This post has a Metrol style (windows 8) interface for the New tab start up page for your Chrome. Simple, elegant with limited features. More than icons, it has dynamic widgets. Just move that fit your needs and remove them that don’t.

Awesome New Tab page for Google chrome brings in the metro style interface for the new startup tab pages in your Google chrome. The interface is fully configurable and customizable, you can create, integrate, delete, and rearrange a variety of widgets to get something that suits you perfectly.

From Facebook to Twitter widget through Google +, everything is available through a simple search on the Chrome Web Store. Once you’ve installed the Awesome tab page, search for widgets using this link in Chrome web store. Lot widgets available.

If you don’t like the stock widgets that comes with the app, you can remove them. Unlock the widgets and hit trash icon when you move the mouse over the tile.

You can also create your own shortcuts to your favorite websites for example, by adding, in one of the squares available, their names, Internet addresses and their respective logos for an even more. Play with the configuration to fit your needs such as background color for the tab page etc.

Download Metro Style Awesome New Tab Page

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