Make Fake Calls in Android using Fake Caller ID App


Have you ever tried to create fake call logs and escape from the meetings or from your friends ? Wanted to make a prank using fake incoming calls, fake outgoing calls and sms text ? The best fake call app or prank app for android and tricksters. Here is the android app that shows how to make fake calls from phone. I have been previously using Fake Call me android app that allows you to input feed a number from your contacts or any number and set time minutes. So after certain time interval, you get an incoming call from the number. So by that you can trick your friends or office mates to escape from the situation.

Today we have got different fake call android app, Caller ID Faker android app that allows you to record a fake incoming / outgoing call logs and also fake sms conversation on your android phone. If you’re in India using the app then, you can make fake calls in India. If you’re using iPhone, later we will write about how to make fake calls from iPhone. Today we have got one of the best fake call app for android.

The fake caller id app for android does record fake call logs such as fake incoming, outgoing, missed call logs and apart from that it also does a fake sms conversation. All the fake call logs are recorded along with the date, time, duration, person. So, you cannot find out which is a fake call log and which is original.

The Fake SMS log has all sent, received, read, unread items. One special feature of this app is, you can hide the app from your phone. So that no one will know that you have installed the app.

You can launch the app using dial a number (default 555 ). You can Fake immediately, in the past, in the future. Schedule logs and fake voice is available on the pro version.

How to Receive Fake Call

Install the Log me android app (Fake call app). Go to Google play (formerly android market) and search for Log me app. You can use this link to download and install.

Once you’ve installed the app. Open it. Follow the below screenshots and instructions to use the app. The app has simple interface and easy options. No techie stuff involved.

Log me app shows three tabs ‘Calls’, ‘Message’ and option to get the pro version. Lets leave the last tab and concentrate on Calls and Messages to use the Fake call features.

Call tab has options to input the number. You can input any number and name or pick it from your contacts.

When to recieve the fake call ? You can schedule the call in 5 seconds, 60 seconds, 5 mins or 30 mins.

You can also schedule it on a custom date and time.

How many minutes do you want the fake incoming call ? Set the time interval for the call duration.

Tick the options whether you want the fake call to be incoming, outgoing or missed call. If missed call, then tick the options there.

Finally hit the create button.

Check the screenshots above of fake incoming call which is set and the picture shows about when you attend the fake incoming call.

You can also Check the screenshot of the call log. It shows the Fake incoming call in the call logs. Similarly it will show all the fake incoming, out going and missed call logs if you schedule using the fake caller id app.

How to Receive Fake SMS

In the messages tab, similary you can type the message and set the time interval you want it to appear on your sms inbox.

Also have options whether you want the sms to be incoming or sent sms in your outbox. Already read or unread sms. Use the options according to your need and finally create a Fake SMS.

Check the screenshot of the Fake SMS which I scheduled and the image of it when received in the SMS inbox.

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