How to Select a Font for a Website ?


There are so many beautiful fonts, web typefaces that you can download from the internet and use it on your website. Today we are going to see how to compare fonts and choose the best one that suits our websites. Similar to code compare tool, today we have font compare tool. Previously we had written alot about Web Fonts for Websites and How to find a font use in a image or web page and also What fonts should you use for a website so that readers will be more interested to read the article and so on.

Compare 2 text fonts with a sample piece of text adding elements such as font type, size, alignment, color, decoration etc. If there is a app, then it would be easy for us to compare and adjust fonts to our taste and select them, apply directly on the website. Today we have got a web app called ‘Typetester’ that allows us to do the above mentioned stuff.

Typetester is an online application for comparison of the fonts for the screen. Its primary role is to make web designer’s life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will be updated.

All you need to do is, Simply paste a random piece of text on the sample text box and adjust the font elements and get your results. Check out the results, and if you’re interested in a specific format with particular style elements, then follow it same on the website.

You can edit, enter or paste sample text in the textarea. The text is automatically applied to preview pane as you type. See Lorem ipsum generator to get random piece of text. Once you’re done with random piece of text, you can choose your typeface from dropdown menu or specify your own. However, keep in mind that there’s a possibility that not everyone has that same font on their systems. If you are choosing font for broad range of visitors, it’s a good idea to stick with those from the safe list. Check the 3 fonts that makes readers more interested in reading.

Also there are several parameters to set and the values are applied as you type/select if the syntax is correct and values you enter are recognized. There’s no submit buttons. This way you preview as you type. The base font size of the preview pane is 10px. If you’d like to copy settings to another column, just hit the corresponding button, i.e. button ‘1’ of the current column will copy current column’s settings to column No. 1. and so on.

If you’re so confused on selecting the fonts for your website, you can check out the Typetester stats that shows the recent selected listings using Typetester which gives you an idea and sample quotient for the fonts on your website.

You can also read How to add Google Fonts to Websites with Google Font API and here are some resources to download free fonts for Windows and Mac, Linux systems.

If you want this web app as a desktop application, then you can use this app which shows a preview of fonts installed in your computer. So when you type a piece of text in the desktop app, it will list all the fonts preview for the specific text which you have entered.


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