How To Protect Computer From All Types of Viruses and Online Threats


Many amateur computer users or not so tech savvy people always a complaint about their system ‘ It’s slow, it gets stuck/hang often ‘. When you browse internet or use USB pen drives in your system – there is a easy chance of getting malware, spyware into your PC without your knowledge. Normally, these are affected due to external disks, USB pen drives that are already affected with some virus and surfing internet without a proper anti-virus program in your machine may cause viruses in your PC.

I always insist once you get your new system or freshly installed operating system, the first thing one should download antivirus software and install it on your system. The first and foremost thing would be to ensure that your system is virus free. Viruses and malware are the most common cause of sudden computer slow-downs. That’s why you should scan your PC for infections as soon as it becomes slow. Remember the golden rule – remove viruses and malware as quickly as possible, before the virus has the chance to damage essential Windows files. An effective latest antivirus software should work against most infections and keep your computer free from all damages.

Always having an antivirus progam installed on your pc is a protective method from harmful virus attacks. Threats today go way beyond viruses, a good antivirus program is must indeed. If you’re using Windows XP, Vista or Win7 get the best antivirus for Windows 7 before you start using it.

Many of us might wonder how our Antivirus software scans for Virus, Malware, Trojan etc. While we scan a folder or local drive completely for any virus but what actually happens during the Virus Scan Period ? Actually the latest antivirus programs such as best in the market Bitdefender antivirus software which protects from Antivirus & Antispyware, Antiphishing , Social Networking Protection and Online Chat Encryption. What they actually do when we hit the scan button ?

These antivirus programs detect unwanted potential threat and malwares using their 5 types of scans such as signature based scan, heuristic based scan, threat sense technology, aritifical intelligence and proactive defense. Always an Antivirus program is very much essential to the PC. There are many free antivirus programs available on the web, but we cannot assure how active it can scan for the latest virus programs and online threats. Also there won’t be any support or future updates to the free antivirus programs.

Always paying for the best antivirus software around the web will ensure you that it gets updated very frequently with the fix to latest online threats and viruses and the technology will be up to date to safegaurd your PC from unwanted virus attacks and online threats.

What kind of anti virus should one buy or install on their system ? It should be protecting both your computer system and your online activities. Apart from a good antivirus software, I also recommend to have a Internet security suite that protects you from online threats and attacks. Have you heard about keyloggers and stuff ? They record your keystrokes and send the sensitive data to the hackers. So your antivirus + internet security suite should protect from viruses and keyloggers so that you don’t let the hacker inside your system and get all your sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords etc.

Final word, strongly recommend to have one of the best antivirus programs installed in your PC to protect yourself from all viruses and online threats.

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