How To Find Out Who Stole My Tweet ?


Can I copyright my tweets ? We know that in Internet there is always the classic character who takes care of copying the contents, but what if this happens in a network like Twitter, can be difficult to detect. Only way is to copy tweets and put in twitter search to find. Otherwise we do not know who copies our tweets and rebrand it as their own. Tweets are probably not copyrightable. but could be. We need a separate topic for discussing whether our tweets need to be copyrighted or not. But today we have got an excellent little application that finds who copied your tweet on twitter. It leaves out all the Retweets and finds out the exact tweet without any linking back your twitter handle.

How to find out who stole my tweet ? You can easily find out if someone is stealing your tweets. Who Stole my Tweet is a simple application that detects your copied tweets and also displays if you’ve copied a tweet from some one. Both the case :)

A wonderful application that allows us to find out if someone is plagiarizing Twitter tweets that you’ve created. The application works very simple, just enter your username and wait for the results to see if someone is stealing your ideas.

Not only it displays the tweets that has been copied from you, but also the tweets that you’ve copied from some one else. Once you’ve entered your twitter username, it analyzes the last 50 tweets that you’ve tweeted and displays them in order. If you want to analyze more tweets like 200, then you need to pay for it. Standard free version goes upto 50 tweets.

On the left side and right side it displays similar tweets that found earlier and similar tweets that found later you tweeted. So if you’ve copied a tweet from some one else, it will be shown on the left side and if your tweet has been copied by some one then it will be displayed on the right side.

How does it define a tweet as copied ? A similar content to one of your tweets without mentioning your twitter name is taken as copied tweet. The latest 50 tweets are only scanned. All tweets with mentions are excluded and tweets with less than 16 symbols are excluded.

Simple cool app – Try out ! Who Stole My Tweet ?

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