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A new service called Right Inbox a scheduled email delivery service which is a good alternative to Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule meeting email or other general emails to be sent later. Why should one use services like Right inbox to schedule emails ? For example, when you’re targetting Geo specific customers, you need to email them at their localized time to get quick responses. There is a separate study on email marketing and infographic which deals about when do people check their emails. for example : Morning 9-11, evening 5-6 are some of popular timings where people check their emails. So based on this, you need to schedule emails to other geo specific customers. I just gave an example, but you need to research for your own pattern and use this tool fruitfully.

Right Inbox enables users to schedule emails to be sent later from Gmail. It is very easy to use after a small browser extension is installed. Then, a button with the label “Send Later” is added right next to the original “Send” button in Gmail. They are in progress of adding more features like response tracking, improvements for sending large files, finding bulky attachments, email marketing etc.

Currently it offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox, once you’ve installed you can find the Send later button next to your Send button inside Gmail. Once you’ve finished composing message in Gmail, you need to set a future send date and time for your emails. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time

Demo video :

Once you’ve scheduled emails, you can find the scheduled emails in your draft folder with the timings on the subject line. So once the exact timing appears, the emails are pushed to sent box. The reciving person will not know that the emails are scheduled in before hand.

By scheduling your emails, you can ensure that it appears in the ebox at the exact time you want it to be.

Right Inbox

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