Get Notified When Twitter Users Change their Twitter Bio, Profile Pictures


This is just another fun app that I don’t find it so useful or most needed for users. May be for stalkers very helpful. The app allows you to find or get notifications when your twitter followers change their twitter bio or profile picture.

As you all know, twitter provides a mini bio-graphy space for every profile to write about who they’re and what are their interest or possibly to promote their website or company. Well if you want to know when one of your row make a change in his biography, we now have a simple web application called Bioischanged.

BioisChanged is a simple app that sends a notification indicating that your user has made ??a change followed in his biography of Twitter, I find it very similar to what they sent whenever someone LinkedIn profile is changed. Apart from the twitter bio, it also notifies when some one changes their twitter profile picture.

You can get notification through email or instant notification of your twitter friends. The email notifications are sent daily, weekly or monthly based on your settings. You just need to authorize your twitter profile with the app to find the persons who have changed the twitter bio / pics recently.

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