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Previously we had discussed alot of online apps to create flash banners and professional animated banners and recently we checked out Google banner generator. Today we have got one of the finest online app to create flash banners. It has lot of options that a professional flash animation software has today. No signup, registration annoyances. Just hit the create button to start making your flash animated banner.

This is completely for people who don’t have any advanced programming skills in Flash and wants to create animated ads without installing any program on their computer. It works full and full online. Totally a web based app.

Banner Now is an online application that lets you create animated flash banners. You can choose different sizes, select backgrounds from different categories (webapps, music, sports, animals, etc.) This tool has a large collection of free icons, backgrounds, buttons and fonts, you can export the compiled swf file to continue working it later. You can upload your own images, icons, buttons, backgrounds and work with layers.

You can preview your work before you release it as swf file and also the use of each effect in the banner individually. Finally once it is done, you can send the swf file to your email or download it to your computer.

Just go to and click the create button. As told already, no need to signup or register anywhere. Once you hit the create button, the work window opens and you can select the width and height of your banner. You can also set custom size or you can choose from the predefined sizes such as vertical banner, square box etc. Then click the checkbox ‘Custom background’ to use the options.

You can choose from the category to select your custom background. Categories such as animals, flag, food, music, multimedia, shopping, sports, travel, weather etc. If you want, you can also upload your own image and use it in the background. Finally click ‘Create banner’.

At the editor window, you can add images to your flash banner. Images can be added using the image category at bottom of the page or you can add custom image using the Add image option on left side of the page. You can add text and effects to appear in the banner. On the right side panel, you have properties for each element that you work on. Below that you can find layers to play with. On the top you can find options to preview the flash banner and download the swf file.

Banner Now!

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