Find the Right Display Picture Size for Social Network Profile


Resizing, cropping a display picture for your social networking profile has never been easier. The actual size for a perfect display picture changes from different social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, digg, Youtube, skype, blogger profiles, Metacafe, Flickr, xing etc. More often when you change the display picture on facebook, either it becomes too large and the thumbnail of pic goes somewhere and problem appears.

So, here is a online app that helps you adjust your photo to the default size of the image of any social network profile. It is easy to use and has approximately 25 sites, including Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, Blogger, YouTube, Skype,, Flickr, Linkedin, Friendster, Gravatar, MySpace and more.

It’s free, without registration and are only three simple steps: The first is upload your picture, then select that network will be used (example ; facebook, twitter), adjust the selection box and finally download your image. Also if you can put your email address to send it there.

Suppose, if you’re editing the profile picture for your friend, then simply enter the email address and the app sends the final output pic to their email address, so that they can download and use it on their social networking profile.


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