Find The Best Time to Post on Google+


So you might have Google+ friends around the world and If you want to push an important post and want as many people to notice it as soon you publish it on your Google+ feed ? How to find the best time to post on Google+ ? The timing is calculated according to your Google+ friends and your profile. If you claim that only Content matters and timing is NOT the most important thing, but it does matter. Previously we wrote about ‘Finding the best time to tweet on twitter‘, today we got similar app for Google+.

Timing is often overlooked as being unimportant or inconvenient. The problem is that without the right timing, you may be missing out on valuable time in front of your audience. So to get the most out of your Google+ post, only when most of your audience are online in Google+, your post will reach more.

The app ‘Google+ Timing’ which analyzes your post history (capped at 100 posts for now) that highlights the days and hours in which your posts have the highest impact. But I don’t think it will help with smaller users. Only if you’re a celebrity or Google+ employee with more G+ users, the facts and timings will work out.

Just allow the app to authorize your Google+ profile and it will display all the details, the ideal time for you to publish a post on Google+, top posts that has been a hit, Day/ Hour ranking etc. Make sure you change the time zone on top of the app. It displays the ideal time based on western europe time by default. Set the time zone according to your country and find out the ideal time to post on Google+

Google+ Timing.

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