Find Out How You Will Die Using Twitter


On the past we had discussed alot of fun twitter apps such as finding your twitter statistics, sending voice tweet, who has the most twitter follower etc. Today we found a fun twitter app that allows you to find how you will die using your twitter account. Are you so curious to try out this app ?

Twalculate is a web app that allows us to find the way our death will occur, for it using our own microblogging network Twitter. It simply has many collections of fun stuff such as you can find your average tweets per day, your twitter profile worth dollars, the date when you created your account and many more. So from that, pick this ‘how you will die?’

Just allow your twitter account to authorize the app and it will show you how good will be your death. Once it publishes the result, it will tweet the result automatically to your follwers, if you don’t want that to happen, then uncheck the option before you authorize your account.


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