Favorite a Tweet and Automatically Update it as Your Facebook Status


This ifttt recipe is very much useful to me. Sometimes in Twitter, some I come across some useful tweet or funny tweets about current trending topics, I just retweet them and also tend to share it on Facebook. I need to manually hit the share button or copy paste the tweets as my facebook status. But this new ifttt recipe reduces my work. Just you need to favorite that tweet and it automatically shares it on your facebook wall as a new status message. Cool isn’t it ?

Wondering what is ifttt ? We had been dealing with lot of ifttt recipes in the recent past. ifttt is a simple web service that basically a simple task creator. ifttt means ‘If this then that’. when something happens (this) then do something else (that). If you upload a photo on facebook, then send me an email. If it rains tomorrow, then send me an sms. So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

Here the ifttt recipe deals with If you favorite a tweet then Send that to facebook automatically. How can you activate or use this ifttt recipe ? All you need is just a twitter & facebook account. First signup for free with ifttt and create a account, so that you can use all other ifttt recipes in future. It has thousands of useful ifttt recipes that does the web work faster and easier. So, once you’ve signed up with ifttt, use the ifttt recipe to connect.

Go to this ifttt recipe link (Create favorited tweet as facebook status) and allow your twitter account and facebook account to authenticate. Allow it to access your accounts. Then jump into the settings panel where you can configure how you need to facebook status to appear as you favorite your tweet. Check the image screen shot below :

Set the addins to Tweet text, so it appears just as you favorite the tweet. Once that is done, that’s it. Just create a task and now test it by favoriting a tweet.

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