Creative Photo Collages Creator with Loupe


Photographic collage is one kind of art and to create it there are many photo collage apps and photo collage creator softwares around the web. Today we are going to see creative photo collage creator online app that auto collage all your photos into creative design and shapes. With this app all you need to do is, just select a creative shape such as animal, your favorite apple logo, hearts, classic I love you etc.

Loupe is a simple photo collage application with creative shapes that collages all your photos into a perfect shape. Just select the symbol or creative shape and it will get you a nice composition with your snapshots. Manually it takes lot of time and effort to create a photo collage, so lazy people like me prefers online photo collage app to create one and show off to friends.

Let’s get started. Once you enter Loupe to start creating photographic collages, select from the list of symbols, shapes and start adding photos. You can add photos from your computer, facebook, search for images directly using bing, get images from twitter, instagram, tumblr or from specific URL internet.

1. Go to

2. Select the shape / symbol

3. Add photos (you can use facebook/bing search/twitter/instagram etc)

4. Creates the desired collage effect

5. Give a title and save it.

6. Share with friends or download as a photo to your PC

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  1. meme says:

    I couldn’t find the way to upload images from my computer to Loupe…..

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