ByPass YouTube Ads Before The Video Plays


Annoying YouTube ads, I’m talking about the ad before the video and not the one which gets displayed while the video plays, we have an option to hide text ads on YouTube videos. This video ad before Youtube videos is so annoying. We need to wait 30 seconds sometimes to bypass it. Some videos gives us the option to skip ad after 5 seconds. So, totally how to avoid those Youtube ads before the start of playing video.

Waiting for 30 seconds to see a one minute video is so irritating. Fortunately for Google Chrome users, there is a simple trick to bypass this YouTube video ad annoyance. You can easily skip ads on YouTube. No illegal block, Skip Ads on YouTube Chrome extension skips the ad and get you straight to the video.

There are hundreds of adblock extensions that prevent popup ads and text ads, flash ads in YouTube, but doesn’t skip these video ads which plays before the video. This extension is mainly done to save time while watching videos on YouTube. If losing about 30 seconds before watching a 1:45 video is such a pain for you, you will really enjoy that.

Once you’ve installed this extension, you could find a blue play button beside the title of every video on YouTube. If you see a video which starts with a annoying ad, just push this play button. The skip button is pretty simple. While watching a video on YouTube, a small blue icon appears at the top of it. Clicking on it will skip the current ad immediately. Works with Cosmic Panda !

Download Skip YouTube Ads

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