Best April Fool Pranks with Geeky Gadgets


With lot of smartphones, tablets coming in throughout the year, let’s play some geeky gadget inspired april fool pranks. Here are some ideas to prank friends with gadgets such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. So this April Fools day what have you planned ? Don’ forget, playing a decent prank on your friends will lead to some good laughs and sweet memories.

iPhone prank :

If you have got your target’s smartphone iOS device, then play a prank with iPhone’s autocorrect feature. It brings some awkward and embarassing moments by changing just one word in a conversation. You would have already read and viewed some famous autocorrect conversation that would’ve made some good laugh. Now this April Fools day, prank friends with Autocorrect on their iOS device.

If your target is using an iOS device with latest iOS 5, then create a text shortcut on iOS. Simply launch the settings app and then navigating to General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Add the phrase, and the word that will trigger the autocorrect replacement, and press save when done.

On Blackberry devices, you can do it with options > autotext and change the word substitution.

For Android device owners, there are number of prank apps such as Prank Call Android app or Cracked screen app.

The cracked screen app once installed, after a specific period of time interval set, hand over the device to the target and while he uses the android phone, the device screen gets cracked. Watch his horror as the screen cracks while he is using it.

Get Cracked screen for android. Install it. Open it and configure in the settings. Set time delay and customize the crack screen, sound and few other settings. Once done, set a time delay and give the device to your friend. Make a prank on him ! Simple.

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