Backup Photos Hosted on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram to Dropbox


Bring all your stuff in one place, that’s the use of this app. You can backup of all your images online to one place ‘Dropbox’. It syncs all your photos which are hosted on Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, Imgur, twitter etc. Sync will be a two way road, when you upload a new photo to Facebook, it gets a copy in your dropbox folder. Also when you add a photo to your dropbox’s facebook folder, then it gets uploaded here on Facebook. Two way sync method makes it so special. allows you to save/ backup your online social networking photo albums to dropbox. It brings all your photos to one secure place ‘dropbox’ – a magic folder in the cloud where you can access your file from anywhere at anytime using desktop, mobile devices etc.

Save your stuff web-based app that saves all your social photos from Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, Picassa, imgur, Instagram, PicPlz, and Twitpic to your Dropbox folder in 3 easy steps. This is what the developers had to say about the app ” when you upload new stuff to Flickr, it ends up in your Dropbox folder), reverse syncing (e.g. throw something into your Dropbox Facebook folder, and it gets uploaded to Facebook), and album organization support (e.g. your Picassa photo album “Summer of ’09” is organized in Dropbox the same way you have it organized in Picassa). ”

Let’s check out the step by step on how to backup your social photos on the web to dropbox. Once you get on their homepage, you can see icons of different social networking profiles. Select the one which you want to backup. I have selected imgur ( image uploading service) to backup all my photos from imgur to dropbox.

So once you’ve selected your social profile, allow it to authorize / access your account to backup photos.

Now here is a intermediate service that connects us to dropbox. It is called ‘Your trove’. It connects us to dropbox and backups all our photos from the desired social networking sites.

For connecting to Yourtrove, you can use any of the social services such as facebook, twitter, imgur, flickr, Google etc. Select the one which you’re going to backup and login using that service to Yourtrove. For example, I am going to backup all my photos from imgur to dropbox, so am logging into Yourtrove with imgur.

Now you need to connect to dropbox, so that your photos are sync into dropbox folder. Connect yourtrove account with dropbox. That’s it.

All your photos are now backed up to dropbox. If you wish to stop the process, simply delete the Dropbox folder /Apps/YourTrove. This will also prevent any future files from being saved.

You can always check this link to the accounts & photos which are linked and backed up.

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  1. Jass says:

    Drop box is cool to host our backup files online to access from any where. And now this app gives us the freedom to take backup of our social profiles. Gr8

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