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Today we are going to see how to send your tweets on Google+. Already there is a option by default to send tweets to Facebook, but not to Google+. Today we are acheiving it by using a simple ifttt recipe. Wondering what is ifttt ? We had been dealing with lot of ifttt recipes in the recent past. ifttt is a simple web service that basically a simple task creator. ifttt means ‘If this then that’. when something happens (this) then do something else (that). If you upload a photo on facebook, then send me an email. If it rains tomorrow, then send me an sms. So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

This ifttt recipe does a simple task. If you tweet, then send it that to Google+. You can just use twitter to push all your tweets to your Google+ account. Already if you’re using in-built facebook connection to push your tweets to facebook automatically, then use this ifttt recipe to send your tweets to Google+ too. Let’s see what all it requires to send your tweets to Google+ account.

So go to the ifttt recipe link and authorize your twitter and Gmail accounts. You might wonder why should be authenticate the Gmail account. It’s because Google+ API is restricted and you cannot send your tweets directly to Google+, instead we need to get the Google+SMS email address and send all your tweets to that email address, which in return sends the email text to Google+ account.

Let’s check out how to get the G+SMS email address. OR how to update your Google+ status using Gmail. For all this you need a unique Google+ email address for you to do it. Quickly i’ll brief out the steps and you can follow this link at Computer World which has detail step by step instructions to get you the unique email address.

The process goes this way. You need to have a Google voice account to get the unique email address. Now with Google voice account, select the voice settings and check the text and forwarding option to forward text msgs to email. Save the changes and send a msg to Google+ sms number. For US its 33669 and for India its 9222222222.

Now the text msg which you sent to that number, you get a email of that text msg. In that email you can find the sending email address. That’s your unique Google+ email address. Now go to Google+ settings and verify the Google voice number. In your Google+ settings, find link ‘add phone number and enter Google voice number, get the verification code and come back to Google+, verify the code and that’s it. You’re ready to post via Email. So when you compose a message via Gmail and send to that unique email address, it gets posted to your Google+ account.

Now come back to ifttt recipe. Once you’ve authenticated both Twitter & Gmail account. Jump to settings, enter your Google+ unique email address, configure the subject to username of the tweet, body to tweet text, attachment url to link to tweet. That’s it. Once configured, hit Create task button.

Now all your tweets are sent to Google+ via Gmail unique email address. You can also configure whether you need only tweets, or all the Retweets, mentions to be sent to Google+.

ifttt recipe : Twitter to Google+

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