Add Voice Speech To Powerpoint Slides


When you need to talk about a subject in a meeting / unconferences such as Barcamp or talks on TED, the people present their ideas in a powerpoint presentations slides. Only when the slides are perfect, they can convey the message properly. The problem in most of the slide presentations is that, it needs a voice narrator attached to explain the slides and the messages to convey perfectly and meaningful. So here is a tool called ‘Hello Slide’ that actually brings life to the slides. It can add voice narration to the slides you present.

HelloSlide transforms your slides into a rich audiovisual format, recreating the experience of a live lecture. Simply type the speech for each slide, instead of recording it, and HelloSlide automagically generates the audio. Unlike other services, you don’t need to record your own voice. Instead, you need to type in the sentences and it creates a computer voice and narrates the story.

It gives more exposure to your presentations, making them searchable, editable, and available in 20 different languages. All you need to do is, just 3 steps.

1. Create a free Hello Slide account.

2. Upload a PDF of your presentation to our website.

3. Type the speech for each slide using their editor.

4. Press play to hear your presentation.

You cannot upload the ppt file format, your presentation should be in PDF format. First create your presentation in PDF and finally after adding voice to it, you can convert it easily to PPT or keynote presentation.

Hello Slide

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