6 Extensions to Manage Firefox Multiple Tabs


Today we have got extensions to play with Firefox 4 tabs. You can save Firefox tabs, use multiple Firefox tabs, switch tabs firefox and still do more tricks with your Firefox tabs such as move Firefox tabs using keyboard shortcuts and so on. If you’re a person like me who uses more tabs with Firefox browser, then you need to check this article which deals about how to manage the Firefox tabs with simple Firefox extensions.

Tile Tabs Firefox

If you’re using too many tabs, how about displaying the tabs in a tile format. All your tabs are displayed in a tile format inside the browser. Tabs are opened in Firefox like tiles or slates. You can arrange them horizontally, vertically or in a grid. It works flawlessly with group of tabs and you can resize the tiles by dragging the splitter bars. Very much useful if you’re comparing with two or more websites.


Tile View Firefox Tabs

Similar to the above extension which we discussed. You can browse tabs in a tile view, resize by dragging the splitter bars. The browser content window is displayed with a layout of 4 tiles.


Fox Splitter Firefox

This extension offers the possibility of dividing the Firefox window as desired. This can help you in various cases, for example, to read both the top and bottom of a web page, for comparing two web pages for browsing web pages alongside your favorite movie, etc.


Apart from this, On madrasgeek.com we had previously talked about lot of Firefox extensions to manage multiple Firefox tabs.

Multiple Rows Firefox Tabs

Learn how to add multiple rows in Firefox tabs, useful if you’re dealing with lot of tabs. The tabs won’t be grouped together at the end, instead it will be displayed in rows.

Color Firefox Tabs

You can easily color your Firefox tabs to distinquish from other tabs. Important tabs while using your Firefox browser can be colored for easy reference. Learn more about it here.

Move Tabs Firefox using Keyboard

Quick keyboard shortcuts to move firefox tabs. check Firefox tabs keyboard shortcuts.

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