5 Tools to Convert Image to Text Online


You can easily convert scanned image to text with the help of these 5 online apps. Online image to text converter apps allows you to convert online ocr image to text. Once after converting the images into text, it looks like a great form of art. I hope you would like to convert some of your photos and try these apps. You can use the photos from your computer or you can use any image directly from the web.


Really a cool web app. It turns your images into text. Loved the formation of text. Just drag and drop the image into the canvas. You can assign the number of alphabets to appear on the image, the size of the font, the background color, apply filters if needed and select the fonts too. Once every thing is customized, hit apply settings. That’s it. You can see the formation of the image using text. Really cool! try out yourself.

Black Text

This image to text generator helps you to convert your picture into text format. Your pictures will be converted into individual, typographical images, which can be used as a personal gift or used for further customization graphics. It needs silverlight to work perfectly. So make sure you have sliverlight installed on your computer before checking out the app. If not, you can download fromthe app page itself!

Text to Image

This text to image app offers three types of conversion. One is convert the image into HTML, Image to Ascii, Image to Matrix kind of text. Select the option, choose the image, configure settings and there you go!

Photo 2 Text

Just upload the image and convert into text with single click. You can just give a nick name to the converted image and download it. You can change the set of characters, adjust the brightness of the chars text etc. Finally you can download it and view it on your notepad. Make sure you keep the font Lucida Consol’ and uncheck wordwap to view better.

Foto Texto

A simple spanish based image to text web app that converts images into text format.

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    is there any software available to convert image into text??

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