5 Things to Know Before Buying a Paid App


Few days back we told you about a research study that has found that, the Free apps which we consume on our smartphones comes with annoying ads which are displayed by the developer and these ads may cause a huge battery drain in your smartphones, says the research study. Now if you plan to purchase a premium paid app at any cause, certain things has to be considered before buying a paid app. Here are some tips or my thoughts before buying a paid app. These are my opinion and it may differ from others such as fan boys, etc.

Sometimes for the extra features that the premium version offers or to avoid the annoying ads we tend to buy the pro version of the app. But how to justify that the pro version is much needed for or how to find whether the features that the free version offers is more than enough. Let’s check the list !

If it’s just 99 cents or few hundred dollars, all we need is the premium features that the free users don’t access. So, first you need to check out the premium benefits or things that you will access if you buy the pro version. Check whether the features that the pro version offers are really needed. If it’s so, then there is a good reason to buy it. Find whether you will be using the pro features on day to day or when ever you use the app.

Check with the comments, feedback the users give on the premium version of the app. The ratings, feedback on the pro version of the app is a must read before buying. Also check the other apps that are developed by the same user. Some comments on the pro version seem like a biased one or spam. Ignore it, find the comments that are legit and read it completely.

You can also check for reviews about the app on reputable blogs which covers mobile apps, mobile phones etc. So you might find the negatives, disadvantage or issues, bugs on the premium version. One more option is, asking friends on social media like twitter, facebook for their opinions. They may suggest you with thousands of other similar apps with premium features for free.

There is a massive advantage over Android market (Google play) to Apple App store. Because, in Google play you can try out any pro version of the app for 15 minutes before you return them actually if you don’t like. So if you’re not satisfied with the app, return it within 12-14 minutes. There is a 24 hour return & refund policy. So if you don’t like the app, you can click the Uninstall and Refund button from the Google play. No questions. There is a different policy with Apple app store.

Finally, you can get the paid app for free sometimes if you’re lucky. There are many amazing sales going around the web for large discounts, download paid apps for free by using some sponsored corporate apps, the company’s may give the paid app for free inreturn for trying out their company’s app. So there are many offers and promotions runs on the internet for both android and iOS apps to get some popular paid apps for free !

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