5 Google Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity


Google Chrome has been evolving since the day it was first built, with thousands of great and useful chrome extensions that adds up power to your chrome. But choosing the best chrome extensions from the chrome Webstore is a total mess, as there are plenty of extensions, but only some of them are worthy enough to trust and use. To help you out with this problem, I have come up with a mega list of Google chrome extensions of different types that will increase your productivity.


ChromeVox gives voice to your Chrome browser. This extension reads out the text in any webpage for you. You can choose to read a paragraph or read any section of the page, by hovering your mouse button over the area.

ruul. Screen Ruler

ruul. is a great utility for website designers, as with this tool they can directly measure the size of any section of a page precisely and utilize that size in their projects. The rulers are translucent as well as opaque, which allows you to measure accurately and effectively.


MightyText allows you to send and receive text messages on your desktop using your mobile number through your Android powered mobile phone. You can sync your android phone with this extension and check and reply to your text messages from your desktop or laptop, anywhere and anytime, without even having your mobile phone around.

Page Snooze

Page Snooze lets you browse easily by cleaning up your tabs area. With this extension you can easily set pages you would like to read later, by setting a time for them to snooze. For example if you choose to snooze a page for 1 day, the page will disappear from your tabs area and reappear automatically after a day. A great chrome extension to help you browse the web faster and easier.

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom lets you zoom images on many image sites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Fotolog and Imgur, just by hovering over the images. One of the best things about this extension is that its zoom size is dynamic, that means it changes as you move your cursor over the image, depending on the screen area available, for large sized images.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the tips, I like the HoverZoom in Google+ saves us from clicking an extra page or link. I have to test the Page Snooze sounds interesting. Can you add links to these extensions, it will be of good help to your readers. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment, and you can try the PageSnooze, its a great extensions to alert you about pages that you have chosen to read later. Well, you can go to the Chrome Webstore and search for the plugin, you will get it. :-)

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