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Weather is one thing that most of will check out during the extreme conditions of summer and winter. As I live in India now, the summer is coming up here and thought of checking out some of the best android weather app widgets for my android device. So, what is the best android weather app you have used ? The android default weather app is ok and not that cool. There are other better third party weather app android widgets. Let’s check them out!

I just found these three apps to be the best ones in the android market. Personally tried all the three and liked it very much. So, if you’re looking out for some best wether application android app, then here you go!

Accuweather Android Download

One of my favorite and popular weather app for android which shows accurate and localized weather condition and day/night forecasts weather for the next 15 days. With the hourly forecasts updated every hour, it can display in more than 23 languages. It can show severe weather notices, customizable color themes etc. It has weather alarms for snow, ice, rain, wind speed/gusts, and probability of thunderstorms.

Current weather conditions data is updated every 15 minutes and includes humidity percentages, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel – AccuWeather’s proprietary weather forecasting system that takes into account multiple weather conditions to determine how the localized temperature actually feels, which may be warmer or colder than the temperature depending on these conditions.

Once you’ve installed the accuweather app, open it. For the first time it will ask your location. If you device is GPS enabled, then swtich it on and it automatically enables your location, also enable temperature notification on the notification bar.

You can also enable weather alerts too. As told above, then the weather app displays the temperature, humidity, visibility, UV index, sunrise and sunset. You can find the wind directions, speed and guts.

When you slide the screen, it displays the weather forecasts for every hour. You can also find the forecasts for the next fifteen days. When you hit the settings, you can get the news, lifestyles, favorites, find weather conditions for other locations, read weather related news etc.

If you want, hit the homescreen, tap for few seconds, select the widget option > choose accuweather and there you go! Accuweather widget for android appears on your homescreen.

Accuweather android download

Weather Bug

Another cool app, but unfortunately doesn’t work properly sometimes. but, hey I just said ‘Sometimes’. It brings the most accurate, reliable and timely weather information directly to your Android smartphone in real time. Similar to accuweather, it displays all the information. Enables your location, notifications automatically at the first time you open it after installation.

You know the cool factor of this app ? Interactive maps with doppler radar. You can touch anywhere map technology allows user to “drop a pin” and view current weather conditions for that location which include temperature, wind speeds and more.

It also supports video forecasts by Daily National Weather Outlook video forecasts provided by WeatherBug meteorologists.

Weather bug android download

Beautiful Weather Widgets

This is not a free app, it will cost you few bucks, but worth it. It is one of the best Android clock and weather widgets app. It is also selected as Editor’s choice by Google. Just Beautiful. Go find out yourself in the android market about this app. Every penny you spend on this app is absolutely worth it.

Beautiful Widgets Android Download

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