15 Best Tools to Measure Social Media Influence


On the past, we had told you about tools to measure your twitter influence and overall there are many tools to measure social media influence such as the popular Klout social media and other social media measurement tools. So how powerful is your social profile ? You have been quite active on social networking sites and do you ever thought of measuring your social influence ? I would always think, these self praising Social media gurus should check their social media influence using these tools to know how worth are they. The social media in 2011 had enormous growth and many have started using it and many have mastered it, but not actually.

Why should one measure their social media influence ? If you’ve been using social network quite some time, then you will have better understanding of the influence you have on them, since this value helps to know if you’re doing it correctly. When we talk about measuring social media influence, the first tool or app that comes to our mind is Klout. But many people don’t get conviced on the service Klout despite they have reworked on their algorithm last year. So today I present some best 15 tools to measure your social media influence.

Before we get into these tools, let me make a point. These scores are calculated and determines your influence based on your impact, engagement with other users, generosity, followers, following count, updates and various other factors. Also when talking about the apps that displays the scores, how transparent are their algorithms, how many social profiles that needs to be scanned to derive your social score etc has to be considered before coming into conclusion.

Measure Twitter Influence :

Twitter Grader

A score of 1 to 100 together with details of hashtags and other details of recent username entered.

Twitter Score

It gives scores based from 1 to 10 on the number of fans, engagement and tweet refresh rate.

Tweet Reach

More than users , showing detailed statistics and reports on the scope of a topic (hashtag, URL, word, user ) through the entries, responses andretweets.

Twitter Level

Edelman’s Tweet Level app also gives score ranges from 1 too 100 based on the level of influence, popularity, engagement and trust.

Tera Metric

Pretty advanced , with real-time reporting and metrics on factors influencing the tweets (users, keywords). With this app you can engage with customers, track competitors and identify influencers.


It plays a vital role for social media managers and social media marketers helping to explain your social media efforts to your company. Twitalyzer has integration with Google Analytics and popular link tracking tools like bit.ly. It trends thirty different metrics so you can decide which measures are right for you and which are meaningful for your business.


Influence and scope as followed and interact with fans. Works only with Twitter but takes into account other networks to their indexes.

Retweet Rank

Measure and track your Retweets. Just enter your twitter handle and it will display your Retweet rank.


Twitter search engine that indexes all tweets, retweets and also measures the influence of each person on twitter. It also has email and RSS alerts.


A detailed analysis of the most active users or fans in a Facebook page. More advanced than the Facebook insights that offers by default.

Post Rank

Post rank which got recently acquired by Google is a simple app that fetches real-time data and analysis on any topic, trend, or interest relevant to you or your business.

Peer Index

PeerIndex measures interactions across the web to help you understand your impact in social media. You can find people who influence you and whom you influence in the social media. Activity, Authority and Audience are the three pillars that make up the classification of PeerIndex about influence. Requires authentication with the credentials of Twitter or Facebook.


A professional tool that analyzes and allows monitoring of the influence of certain user in certain topics. It is still in beta


Another startup recently got acquired by Google which presents social statistics through graphs interactive and tracking.

I just leave space for the 15th Tool to measure social media influence. If you have used any other tool apart from the list mentioned above, you can share with us through comments. We will add them up here later.

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  1. great info! thanks mr.

  2. Nice list. How come no mention of Klout? The other one I like is Proskore because it gives weightage to Linked In, Google and You Tube as well which most of the others don’t do.

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