Wish Happy Birthday to Facebook Friends Automatically using Birthday Scheduler for Facebook


Have you ever been in that awkward moment by not wishing your facebook friend on their birthday ? Nobody likes or wants to be in that position. So, here is a facebook happy birthday scheduler that schedules birthday messages to your friends through your android smartphone. You cannot excuse saying that you’re away from computer/laptop so forgot to wish you. Now you can schedule birthday msg to friends on facebook via your Android smartphone.

On the past, we had told you about Automatic Birthday Wisher app on Facebook, the app sends birthday wishes automatically at sharp 12 clock on their birthday and its an facebook app. Today we are going to see an android app that schedules facebook birthday messages. There isn’t anything like manually wishing your friend on their birthdays, but to avoid awkward situations, you can safer side use this app.

Birthday Scheduler for FB Lite android app does the job pretty well. Once you authorize your facebook profile with this android app, it will list out all your friends upcoming birthdays. You can click on it and schedule specific messages to friends to post on the wall on their birthday. Let’s check out step by step instruction to use the app.

1. Download the app from android market and install it. Click here to download.

2. Once you’ve installed, open the app.

3. Enter your facebook username and password.

4. Allow it to authorize your facebook profile.

5. Now it will sync all your facebook friends.

6. Click on the Plus sign and pencil sign to schedule custom birthday message.

7. Set the time and date to post the custom message to your friends facebook wall.

8. For a change, it allows us to add gift icon, such as beer icon etc.

9. Now simply schedule and sit back relax!

With this app, you never miss to wish the birthday to any one. Drawback is, when it posts on your friends wall, your friends can find that you have used birthday scheduler app for post wishes. This drawback in only on free version of this app, to overcome it you can buy the pro version.

You can learn here how to import facebook birthday calendar to your Google calendar and If you’re using Windows Phone 7, then check out this Facebook birthday reminder Windows 7 app.

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    wow.. this application looks and works perfect.. Thanks for sharing..

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