7 Elements You Should Check Before You Buy Windows Phone 7 device


Decided to go with Windows Phone 7 smartphone ? Then here are some things that you should look out before you pick a Windows phone 7 device.

If you’re going to buy Android device, then check out the Android buying guide.

Gigahertz :

First you need to check out the hardware specifications. The speed of the phone, the processors that has been used inside. The RAM factor on how quickly it can respond and smoothly it can run etc. Two main things. CPU and GPU. CPU handles applications and GPU handles visuals, animations and videos. Make sure the WP7 device has 1GHz or higher. Also talking about RAM – 512MB or higher.

Storage :

If you need lots of music and games to be installed, then you need high storage. When talking about Windows Phone 7, when you setup your phone with windows live account, apart from the internal phone storage you get free cloud storage space on Skydrive. When talking about music, Zune music pass, you will be able to stream songs without downloading them to your phone.

Design :

The Ultimate factor of Windows Phone 7 is the stylish sexy design. Just do it, what your heart says! You don’t have to pick the right design WP7 phone, it will pick you! Basically, the WP7 devices has two models. The candy bar and the slider. Just go to the stores and try out hands on the devices and select the model.

Display :

Just make sure that whether you need a large screen or a small screen which fits inside your palm. It again depends on how you use and carry your phone. It comes with variants such as liquid crystal displays (LCD) or organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). OLED is best for viewing in sun light & uses less battery power. Apart from these two, there is one more called AMOLED which is best for viewing videos.

When talking about touch screen – Resistive and Capacitive. Capactive is more reponsive and doesn’t require much pressure when touch. It goes smooth. All Windows Phones have capacitive screens.

Camera :

As you all know, higher the megapixel the better are pictures. Now let’s talk about something which is different and which many of you don’t know about. Always go for phone that has BSI sensor in cameras. Because it will help you to boost when pictures are taken in low light photography.

Also flash enabled cameras are good. LED flash and Dual LED flashes are better. Also you should check out what type of camera lenses are used in the device.

Network/WiFi/GPS :

One should make sure the device supports the next generation technology network, 4G, whether its a GSM or CDMA phone, WiFi, Bluetooth technologies used inside it, tethering, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Proximity sensor etc.

Battery Life :

Finally, this is what every one looks out on the smartphone. The battery! *echoes* . Some superb features like battery saver in WP7 devices helps you to automatically switch to a less power-hungry mode when your battery runs low.

Compare Windows Phone 7 devices on the Official Microsoft page. It has a list of all the latest Windows Phone 7 models which are launched and yet to launch.

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