Virtual Girl for dating with My Virtual Girl Friend iPhone app for Valentines Day


If you’re looking for a virtual girl friend to date online, then you have it in iPhone as a simple app. My virtual girl friend iPhone app is a funny, flirty dialog based dating simulation game for iPhone and iPad. The game goes like this, it has number of models to choose from based on your choices you can pick up your companion.

Once you pick up your companion you start the game. With the unique personalities and expressions, the app displays more than 100+ beautiful virtual girl models. You can customize them such as changing dress, skin color, hair color, face, clothing etc and start engaging in a conversation.

You can talk with her, take her to a movie, play a game of mini golf or even a strip club. Each action has reward points and also has an opposite reaction if you misbehave :P lol .. Make a note : She even responds to your touch!

The goal of the game is to win her heart over. Over all, the app allows you to virtually date any female of your dreams. The game consists of 20 levels and there are various way to interact. It includes Hi res 3D graphics and 360 degrees of viewing.

My Virtual Girl friend iPhone app. Enjoy Forever alone :P

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