Undo Closed Windows Explorer Folder


Sometimes when at work if you have lot of windows opened and been working on copying, deleting files from various folders and suddenly want to find out or open the last closed window folder, then there is no option in Windows operating system by default. If in browser, then you can hit the Ctrl+ Shift + T to open the last visited webpage in Chrome browser, but in Windows system you cannot do it unless with third party app.

Undo Close is a beautiful tiny must wanted app for Windows that allows you to reopen the last closed window explorer folder. It neatly opens the last closed window folder and also the last closed application. You can set the hotkeys and reopen folders with shortcut keyboard keys.

Once you’ve downloaded the Undoclose app, open it, unzip and run the exe file. No need to install any software in your PC, it works just when you run the exe file. It sits in your taskbar window and you can play with the settings. The settings option allows you to change the hotkeys for reopening the last closed window folder and apps.

It also displays the last closed window folder and recently closed apps in the list format. So, when it sits silently in the taskbar, you can hit the key combination to open the last closed window folder. Very much useful in day to day work.

If you’re planning to differentiate your folder using colors, then check here how to color Windows folder, also you can protect secret folders and files by locking them. Check the Folder Lock Software for Windows PC.

You can monitor the folder changes such as adding, deleting extra files to the folder. Monitor specific folder in Windows. At last, a small piece of useful app – Folder cleaner.

Download UndoClose

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