Ultimate List of Best Note Taking Apps For Android


There are lot of note taking apps online, note taking browser extensions and desktop apps for notes. Today we have got some best note taking app for android devices. Taking notes on the mobile is what many prefer because of easy portability and these android note app sync with the desktop tools and vice versa. Note apps for android is one of the best productivity tool which lead an efficient control of daily tasks.

Smartphone with the Smart in front, you should really put to full use. Note taking apps allows you to have a proper planning and with the customizable options they offer, one should really try it. From the android market, we have picked some of the best list of Android note taking apps. Let’s discuss ;-)

Evernote Android app

When we say Note taking, the first app that comes to our mind apparently is Evernote. Evernote for android is just out of the box functionality where you can take notes in white text format, images, links, organization tags, widget, attach videos, images, docs and ofcourse, sync with PC, browser tools etc. It syncs your notes across all computers and mobile devices. Create todo list, voice reminders, and organize notes completely. Download

Note Everything Android app

If you ask me, I would anytime prefer Note everything than evernote. It’s simple, usable and lovely interface. Similar like your note pad application on PC, you can create text doc, voice and paint notes. You can create shortcut, send files and use live folders etc. Loved the paint notes where you can draw something and save it. Very useful if you’re finding some routes where you can use paint notes to draw the map direction route etc. Download.

One Note app for Android

The Microsoft’s note taking app which does the job like other note taking apps, the special thing about the app is you can sync using MS skydrive. Directly access notes online at skydrive. You can create, edit and manage upto 500 notes. Download.

Color Note Android app

Superb interface, colorful notes. Useful for event managing, creating notes and tasks. You get access to all sticky notes on the desktop through widgets. Download

Sticky note android

This is a simple widget – a sticky note widget for android that allows you to create a note by tapping the sticky note widget on the homescreen. Tap to view Note, tap again to dismiss. Download

Catch Note taking app

Capture ideas, jot down notes on android with Catch app. You can record voice reminders, memos and sync securely across all devices on the cloud. You can add multiple notes, backup themfor free across all Android and iOS devices and on the web with secure sync to Catch.com.


InkPad Note app for android

Offline note taking app on android that allows you to create a note online at Inkpadnotepad.com and sync them. The interface looks like a paper notepad and simple to use. Just tap on the + button at the bottom of the screen. The first line of text will automatically be used as the title. Download

Slide Notes app

Similar to above but much simpler. Its most striking feature is the ability to slide between notes by sliding your finger horizontally, making the classic look of leather physical book. It is available in several languages ​​but is somewhat short on how to sync. Download

One Punch Notes

Even more colorful than the top of the list. Create notes all colors, keep them as resizable widgets on the desktop, protect them with password, create folders to organize them and very easy to use. Their paid version even has options to upload attachments. Download

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    I dont like evernote you cant take note offline

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