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When you’re driving a car or bike, you cannot take your android phone and read the SMS. So, apps like Talking SMS helps you to read your incoming SMS on your android phone. It can speak the SMS with the sender name and phone number. It can read the full SMS in the voice format and can also call the sender if needed.

Talking SMS free app for android is a very useful app for reading incoming SMS for free. It uses the voice pattern in android phone and reads the incoming SMS for you. If you want the app not to disturb you, it has got the options to disable or set ‘do not distrub’ time period.

It has language options where you can read your incoming SMS in various language. Apart from English, it supports German, spanish, french, italian. You can allow the app to read SMS immediately or on user click. You can filter SMS reading option by Phone number or text content. You can set to read only office related SMS to the voice mode and leave spam SMS in filter options.

Just a actual shake can stop the app from reading the incoming SMS. I just installed the app and opened it to configure. On the startup, you have the options to deactivate, set timings for do no distrub. You can set this option when you’re at work so that it won’t disturb by reading your SMS loud. You can set the from & to time period. Adding to it, you can also set the voice speed and pitch for the incoming sms to read.

At the bottom of the start page app, you find option to filter reading sms based on contact numbers or text. When you click the option you can add phone numbers from the contacts and also filter based on text input.

On the SMS settings tab, you can set the option to read the SMS in repeat mode. By default, it is set to 1. If you want to read the incoming SMS in repeat mode, increase the number. Once you’ve configured everything, just leave the app. hit the close button.

Wait for an SMS to arrive. When a SMS arrives, it starts reading the contact number and then the SMS text. You have option to hit reply, call the sender etc.

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