Space Race Multiplayer Facebook Game by NASA


Two weeks back, NASA has launched its first multi-player Facebook game which is something like a Quiz type where you need to answer questions related to NASA space program and in return you get reward points.

As it is a multi-player game you can play it with your facebook friends. Questions are not so difficult and they are like Who was the first American to walk in space? Who launched the first liquid-fueled rocket? etc

NASA press release talks about the facebook game ” Space Race Blastoff tests players’ knowledge of NASA history, technology, science and pop culture. Players who correctly answer questions earn virtual badges depicting NASA astronauts, spacecraft and celestial objects. Players also earn points they can use to obtain additional badges to complete sets and earn premium badges. ”

Space race blast off NASA facebook game can be played against your facebook friends or against random opponents that you’re invited. Starting it with, just hit the facebook app, allow it to authorize your friends list and get started with. At first, you need to select your avatar among choices provided.

Give a name to your avatar and start playing the game. When you start the game, as it is a multiplayer game, if not other player enters the lobby with in 15 seconds, then it will be made as a solo game playing against the computer.

If you answer the questions asked correctly, then you get 100 points (you can see the points raised as a rocket raise one level on the screen). In a multiplayer game if you’re the first person to answer correct, then you get 20 points bonus.

The points you score can be redeemed as badges. Finally for the badges you receive winning games and answering additional bonus questions you can redeem the accumulated points to purchase additional badges. You can view the prize badges under the Awards tab.

Space Race Blast Off

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