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Here is a useful android upload photos to Dropbox android folder and sync them with your dropbox account automatically when you take photos from your android phone which helps you to save lot of space in your android memory card. When you take the photos, it automatically syncs the photo files to your dropbox account, so that you can delete it from the memory card.

Normally when you take photos in android, you can email the photo files to dropbox account, so that it’s like backing up photo copies to your dropbox account, how is it when the photos gets sync’d automatically when you take pictures in your android camera.

Syncly is a nifty android app that syncs your android photos to dropbox, You take a picture and off it goes to Dropbox. Even better I can set it to WiFi only for syncing to Dropbox. But its downfall is it wants to sync everything on the mobile, I just want it to sync the photo/video folders.

This comes handy and useful when you have a phone with low memory and tend to take hundreds of pictures, the only solution to gradually replace old photos for the new without losing any image. Simply use the app, sync the android photos to dropbox automatically.

This is what Syncly has got to say about its android app “Syncly automatically uploads your photos to your Dropbox so that you no longer need to think twice about deleting pictures on your phone to free up some space. Syncly’s Photo View will keep on displaying these pictures to you. You can freely manage, share and edit these pictures in your Dropbox folder on your desktop or laptop.”

Once you’ve installed the Syncly app from the android market, open the syncly app after installation. It asks for syncly username and password. if you’ve already registered then enter the credentials, if not simply hit the sign up form and sign up for Syncly.

Once that is done, you can connect with your dropbox account. When you click the button, it redirects the browser to dropbox login page requesting to access your dropbox account.

Now when you enter the dropbox credentials, it will asks Syncly to access your dropbox account. Now when you’re successful in syncly, it will display options to sync your photos. You can sync photos in your android gallery to dropbox when you’re in WiFi connection or in 3G or when you want it to be in Manual mode.

Next option, it will display all the images in your android gallery and asks permission to upload all the photos to dropbox, At first process, you can select to upload all files or you can hit the option later.

You can select the photos which you want to upload it to dropbox. At the first time when you sync all the photos to dropbox, you can delete it from your android gallery (it will save space in your SD card).

Syncly Android app

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  1. Nimsrules says:

    This is a very useful app. Syncing dropbox photo files automatically is great. Thanks for sharing.

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