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Turn your iPod into phone that can send SMS, receive picture messages and get your unique phone number. Already we had talked alot about Bulk SMS reseller and sending mass SMS with bulk sms gateway. Also here is a simple tip to send anonymous free sms to mobile phones for free. Today we have got a simple app for iOS devices that allows iPod, iPad and iPhone users to send unlimited free text sms for free. Not only text sms, they can also send picture message and get a unique phone number.

Text Now is a free texting app for iPhone, iPod and iPad users. You can send text msg, pic msg, calling and voicemail. The special part is it works on all iOS devices and you get a unique phone number which you can share with your friends. Apart from using it on iOS devices, you can text via your pc/mac by going

Other cool features includes you can customize the look and feel of the app, Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from, use your own pics as wallpaper and make your own signature, bluetooth support for iPhone.

TextNow has an awesome UI, a fast and reliable service, and Google Voice compatibility. What makes TextNow stick out from all the other texting apps is that it can easily be linked with your Google Voice account.

Following this link are instructions on how to do so. After following these instructions you should have your own unique phone number! No other texting application offers a unique / real phone number. All texts are backed up online after doing this, too.

Once you’ve installed the app, go to the app and sign up. You get a email address and people can start sending text msg to that email address and you get the text msg on your iPhone, iPod touch. TextNow offers an elegant UI unlike any other texting application. It looks similar to the iPhone’s ‘Messages’ application.

In the settings, you can change the colors of the menu, backgrounds in the chat, customize ringtone for a specific contact, conversation, etc. UI looks clean and does the job pretty well.

Download Text Now

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