Rip Audio from FLV Videos Using VLC Player


Never think VLC player can only be used to listen songs and watch media files. It can also be used as a mp3 converter software. or You can say VLC as audio extraction software. It can extract the audio from any video file and convert it to MP3 file. You can convert a video into a MP3 file. For example, if you download a video from YouTube in FLV format, then you can convert the FLV video file into Mp3 format using VLC player.

Let’s check out the built in feature of VLC to convert a video file into a audio mp3 format. It has option to convert not only FLV, but any video file into a audio mp3 format. You can extract the audio from the video using your VLC media player. Here are step by step instructions on how to do it.

How to Convert FLV to MP3 using VLC

Open VLC.

Go to Media > Convert/Save. or You can hit the shortcut key CTRL+R

Now you need to browse the video file and add it. So, click the add button, browse the video file and select it.

The next step, click the Convert/Save option at the bottom. It opens a dialog box where you need to set up few things.

Once the dialog box opens, you can find your source video file, select the destination output folder.

Hit the destination file browse button, choose a folder or save it in the desktop with the file name some ‘abc.mp3’

Here you need to make sure that, when you save the output file it must hold the extension .mp3 inorder to convert the video to mp3 file format.

Below in the settings panel, from the dropdown menu, select the Audio Mp3 encoding option.

Click SAVE and let the data Stream. Once finished, open the MP3 file and enjoy.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    What about the quality of the ripped audio? Does the ripping affect the audio?

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