Restore Factory Settings Guide for Devices


Sometimes when our gadgets or mobile phones starts to show odd behaviour such as black screen of death, hanging in between tasks, locked up situations and so on, our only thinking would be to do a factory hard reset so that our beloved device returns back to the original default settings. Before you make a factory reset, we may try to find out the instruction to do a clear factory reset. Today we found a website that has factory reset instructions for almost all devices. is a simple interface which holds a huge database of Factory reset instructions for almost all devices that are in the market. It has listed more than 100+ devices and has all their factory reset instructions guide.

The site has been categorized among 26 types of equipments from game consoles, router, GPS units, Bluetooth devices, laptops, tablets, TV, Printer, projector, E-reader and more.

You can browse through the website via categories (list of equipments) or through list of manufacturers. At the same time you can find the instruction guide of your favorite device via its manufacturer name. It has listed all the manufacturers A-Z and you can find the factory reset guide from them.

Now start fixing the device problem yourself.

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