Remote Control Winamp on PC with Your Android Device


Already we know that Winamp is one of the best media players for Windows and with Winamp on PC and Winamp for Android can both sync the music tracks wirelessly. You can easily do a wireless desktop sync with Winamp for android. Today we are going to see how to control the music on Winamp for desktop with your android device. We are going to use the android device as a Winamp remote control using a simple Remote control for Winamp android app.

How to Use Android as Remote Control Your Winamp Player on PC

1. Download Winamp player for PC

2. Download Remote control for Winamp app and install it on your PC.

3. The remote control for winamp requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and Microsoft .Net Framework 4. If you don’t have installed on your system, don’t worry, it automatically installs them from the setup file.

4. Once you’ve installed both Winamp player and remote control app on PC, go to your android device.

5. Open the android market and download ‘RemoteControl for Winamp’ app developed by Martin.S

6. Install the app and open it.

7. Now Start the Winamp player with the remote control plugin on PC

8. Hit the connect button on the Android app

9. It connects to the Winamp remote control on the PC. You need to make sure that both the connections are from the Same WiFi network points.

10. On the Winamp remote control server on PC, you can see the Local IP address – note it down and enter the local IP on the android app settings tab.

11. On the Winamp remote control android app > settings tab > you enter the Server IP address.

12. Now when both is connected, you can access playlist, playback control, queue tracks, pause, adjust volume etc.

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