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Sometimes company stores large data of their employees in a spreadsheet and with some huge data when a excel sheet gets corrupted, its so annoying and devastating experience. How to cover excel corrupt files ? Recovering a damaged excel file isn’t a tough job unless you have proper tools with it. Previously we had told you about Recovering Office files with corrupt office text extrator and repairing corrupted mov files. Today we have a excel recovery software that recovers damaged excel files.

Excel Recovery is a free software that helps to recover damaged or corrupted excel spreadsheet files. Microsoft itself recommends several methods to recover the damaged excel files, but most of the time it doesn’t work because we don’t do it properly. The main issue is that, manual work has lot of steps to recover a damaged file.

Instead of it, you can always rely on trusted third party softwares like Excel recovery that does the job in minutes without any hassle. Excel Recovery is such freeware that inteds to recover damaged excel files. You need to simply install it and start recovering damaged excel files.

Once you’ve installed, open it. It has a browse button where you need to browse the corrupted file which you’re looking out to recover. Once you browse the corrupted file and upload it to the recovery tool, it searches for the previous versions of the same excel file in temp folders etc. If it is found, then the below dropdown shows the list of previous versions. Choose a file from the list to attempt recovery.

If there is no previous version, then you can try to recover using another method. It is like, you need to browse the corrupted file and try to save the file in different format, so that you can safely recover the data inside the excel file. There are many file formats available such as SYLK and HTML.

If that doesn’t work too, then you can try to open the corrupted file in Excel Viewer, MS Open and Repair or MS Open and Extract Data. The Excel recovery tool comprises alot of tools and methods in single pack.

Till now we had talked about 3 methods, if all these methods don’t work, then you have some more advanced techiques such as opening the file in Safe Mode, opening it with Word Pad, trying extractions outside of Microsoft’s software and even a zip repair.

So before losing the hope, we should try these methods and tools to recover the excel sheet. I always strongly suggest to use dropbox, so that you sync you files in the cloud storage. If anything corrupts in your pc version, you can safely use the backup version from the cloud storage.

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