Prank Call Android App : Funny Call Changes Voice When You Live Call Friends


There are many prank call apps for android that allows you to play pranks with your friends. Previously I had used one app called ‘Fake call’ that lets you to setup a fake call from any number at the specific point of time. Say for example, you can make a call to yourself from any of your friends phone number, just like setting up the alarm clock. Today we have got another prank call app that does funny thing. It changes the voice of the person during the live call.

Funny call app for android is one of the best prank call apps for android devices. It has been downloaded over 2.5 million times and the speciality of the app is that, it can change your voice during a live call and prank your friends. You just call your girl friend, parents, even your boss and you can sound like a creepy man, woman, lien, chipmunk, and more.

You need to make calls from the funny call app, for it you need to have call minutes from funny call app. When you install it for the first time you get some free minutes that you can avail by completeing some free apps and then on you can purchase call minutes from the funny call app store.

To earn free call minutes for the first time, you need to download and launch any of the apps from the funny call app store to get some free call minutes. Once you’re done with it, click back. On the funny call home page you can check out your remaning minutes to make funny call.

How to use funny call app ?

1. Now you have got some free minutes.

2. Select any of the voice such as Chipmunk, super low, cyborg, echo, alien etc.

3. Click ‘Place call’ button.

4. Dial the phone number and hit call.

5. During a live call, your voice will sound normal to you but the person on the other end will hear your voice modified.

You can also buy extra minutes for money. You don’t have to install any free apps for redeem free minutes, you can simply purchase the free minutes using money. For 5 minutes, the price is $1.99, 30 minutes $4.99, 100$ minutes $9.99 etc.

Download Funny Call app

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  1. Mohit Bumb says:

    i love this prank call trick ;)

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