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Today we are going to review a unique small app that is most useful for music composers and music mixers. On the past, we had written about 7 Online music tools for musicians, today we have a simple jar app that allows music composers or any one who has music interests to play with the music transposition, transcription, ripping into karaoke etc.

This tiny app allows you to slow down a mp3 file, has option to create a karaoke from mp3, removing voice from audio or extracting vocals from the songs. Adding to it, for upcoming music composers, it provides a music transcription software inside it. You can also transpose music & slow down mp3 without changing pitch etc. Let’s check out!

Slow Mp3 is a simple java app (.jar file extension) so make sure you have java upto date in your Pc to work properly. Once you download the SlowMP3.jar file and double-click it. The app opens and using the file > open > import an mp3 file into the app.

The app supports only mp3 or wav audio file formats. You can also drag the file and drop into the interface. Now on the top bar, you can see options like Volume, Speed, Transpose. Volume is for increasing / decreasing the sound.

How to slow down a mp3 file

Speed is to slow down the music. With speed slider, you can change the tempo. Minimum setting is half the original tempo. Maximum setting is the original tempo.

Transposing music online free

With the transpose slider, you can change the pitch of the song. I hope the people related to music will understand. Others can try out your hand using the app.

Apart from this, there are two small buttons Sharp & Smooth. It is used for change the quality of the pitch shift / time stretch algorithm. Sharp is good for percussive sounds, smooth is good for sustained sounds and bass.

Music transcription software freeware

Atlast comes the Transcribe feature. You could see a piano buttons at the bottom of the app. If you click the option ON, it shows the notes that are currently played in the music. Transcribing is off by default. You can switch it on by pressing the small On icon in the corner of the Transcribe tab.

How to create a karaoke from mp3

How to remove voice from audio ? It is also called separate vocals from music or removing voice from audio. You can also easily extract vocals from songs using the Karaoke option in Audio > karaoke. When you click the option, the mp3 file rips off all the vocals from song and plays only the music.

The center position where it shows the audio waves, you can use the mouse wheel to change the playback position and also you can set loops by holding mouse button and dragging in the waveform display area.

Slow Mp3 app

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