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Sometimes you get irritated by some unknown calls, SMS that you badly need to trace the phone number, now you can track the mobile number in India from your android phone using this simple free app. It simply tracks the mobile number and allows you to find which Indian telecom it belongs to along with the state and city address.

This mobile phone number location tracker android app helps you to track the number’s location area such as State and city. You can free download mobile number tracker software on your android mobile as a app and start using it.

Mobile Number Tracker app for android allows you to find from where that person is calling. You can simply enter the number and track the location. If you don’t have the full 10 digits, then you can simply enter the first four or five digits to find the location.

The speciality of this app is, it shows caller info during incoming call. You can also view the details of mobile number in the call log. The biggest drawback is, after the MNP scheme, the mnp ported numbers cannot be traced by the app.

Simple useful app for Indian users. My experience with the app – Once you install, for the first time it takes few seconds to load the database. The app has clean interface without ads and smooth. With just simple text box and two buttons as options such as Show call log and options.

In the textbox, if you enter the mobile number with 10 digits, it displays the telecom name with state and city which it belongs. For example, I entered my mobile number and it displayed “Bharti Airtel” and Tamil Nadu Telecom circle which includes chennai etc.

When you click the option ‘Show call log’ it takes you to your recent call log and displays all the information for the phone numbers listed in the call log. The missed call, incoming, outgoing calls and the phone numbers – the app will list out the information such as telecom circle and name which the number belongs to.

It accepts only Mobile phone numbers and doesn’t support landline numbers. If you want, you can notify the app when incoming calls, so when there is a incoming call, it will display the details along the call.

If you’re outside India, this will not work. Wait for few more days, we will publish a International Mobile number tracker for android soon.

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