JunkBox : Sell Goods, Make Money on Facebook


Junkbox app on Facebook is something creative and similar to what you do in Ebay like Sell, buy stuff. But, everything totally happens inside Facebook. You can sell your stuff through facebook, browse all your friends treasure and its completely private within your facebook friends and fun.

Junkbox app allows you to clean your junkyard and put those items on sale in Facebook. You can make a money out of your unwanted stuff on facebook. All you need to do is, Create your JunkBox and start to sell! Get your junk on Facebook and make some money with some help from your friends.

First, open Junkbox app, grant access to your profile. Once you grant permission and authorize the app, upload the treasures, tell every one about it and make some money out of it. It´s private. Only your Facebook friends have access to your JunkBox.

Now once you’ve granted access to your profile, just do a page refresh and the app shows your Junkbox profile. In the upper right, you will find the Add new item button. Click on it and start adding your items description, photos, price tag etc.

You can invite your friends from the Junkbox interface. Make your friends know about JunkBox application, so they will know what you have to sell and you will know what they have to sell.

On the left pane, you can see an option ‘Automatic seller’ where it is checked already. With the Automatic seller you do not have to worry about posting your treasures on Facebook. The JunkBox will post automatically once a week and let your friends know about your treasures.

Suppose, if your friends had something to sell, you can get to see it (check the below image) and when you the button ‘I want it’, you can connect with your friend to deal about payment options. If he/she isn’t in your friends list, then it will prompt you to send a friend request first.

Junkbox is a excellent place to sell all your unwanted stuff on Facebook. With 800 million people on Facebook, will you find it difficult to sell a product ?

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