iPhone Screen Lock app for Android


Today we are going to see slide to unlock for android app that lets you to get a iPhone like lockscreen app which allows to slide to unlock lockscreen for android. The slide to unlock is a unique lock screen for iPhones, if you’re a iPhone fan, then you can get the same slide to unlock screen in your android smartphone using the iPhone lockscreen app.

iPhone lockscreen Magic locker app for android helps you to get a iPhone like Slide to unlock lockscreen for android phones. Here in this post, I will help you to get the iPhone like lockscreen for your android. Follow the step by step instructions below.

First download the MagicLocker main app.

You can click here (android market link) to download the app.

Once you’ve installed the Magiclocker main app, you can install the iPhone lockscreen theme and apply the settings.

The magiclocker main is a simple app which is most colorful and simple lock screen app for Android. It has various of lock screen themes to match your style and make your mobile outstanding. You can customize the theme on homescreen with things like missed call alerts, sms notifications, etc.

So, now you have installed the Magiclocker main app on your android sets.

Now go to the Magic Locker Settings, Choose the theme from the ‘Themes’ grid (it takes you to the android market where you can download themes for magiclocker main app). Select the iPhone lockscreen magic locker app and install it.

Similar like iPhone lockscreen app, you have samsung magic locker theme, Pulpfiction locker theme, Santa locker and more than 80 types of themes.

Select the iPhone lockscreen theme from the settings and apply.

You can do customization such as Theme wallpaper, sound effect, date format etc. You can also change the shortcut customization and customize styles, text and some elements of appearance etc.

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