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To engage with people on twitter and gain some twitter followers on your favorite niche, you must start engage into a conversation. Either you can simply introduce yourself, or start helping them. Suppose, if you’re a mobile enthusiast or say specifically an iPhone/mac fan, then you should follow the right people who are talking about the iPhone, Mac etc. Find people who ask help on iPhone, mac related queries and help them by answering the questions. You can use general twitter search, input the keyword and answer questions related to the keyword, but this extension does more job actually.

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InboxQ is a simple chrome extension that allows you to answer questions in realtime for the keywords or campaigns you set. It searches for people tweets about the keywords which you have set or questions related to your business, products, industry or general interests from Twitter directly to your browser. Questions are the most powerful engagement opportunities on Twitter. You can use your knowledge to help people while also identifying potential customers and earning targeted followers.

Using Inboxq is so simple. If you’re using the web interface, you can click this link to get started with. If you’re using the Chrome extension, then you can install the extension. Once the extension is installed and appears on the address bar, click the small icon of Inboxq, find the settings button > sign in with your twitter account > allow it to authorize your twitter profile.

Close the tab when you’ve authorized the profile. When you check in the settings, you can see that your profile is linked. Now there are total of 4 tabs. Questions, Todo, Campaigns, Answers. The questions tab will display all the related questions to the keyword campaigns you have set. The todo tab allows you to save questions that are to be answered later. Campaigns allows you to set new campaign, edit, delete etc. Answers will display your answers to the questions.

Now start with creating a new campaign. Enter the campaign name, related keywords that you think people will enter on twitter and save the campaign. While creating the campaign, there is a slider from High quality to High quantity. Make sure you select High quality, so that the questions that appear are of high quality and no junk. When you select high quantity, then non relevant questions may also appear. You can also edit, delete and view the statistics of the campaign you created.

When you start finding questions for the related campagins, you can start answering them. Just hover the mouse over the question to find options to answer, view the person profile, save it todo list, share with your friend if you haven’t able to find the answer.

Simple useful extension if you’re into marketing your product by engaging with your customer on twitter.

Download InboxQ Extension

You can also use the web interface of InboxQ

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