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I just came across this funny android game which is a good time pass. If you own a android device, by this time you would have come across many addictive games such as angry birds, fruit slice, paper war and not to forget the android physics game : Shoot the apple which is inspired from Angry birds. Anyway, I just played this game for a while and loved it totally. May be for some it becomes bored after playing it few mins, but some will like it for sure.

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Jumping Monkey is a cute android game that allows you to play as a small monkey that jumps on balloons into the sky. The more balloons you jump on, the higher you go and the more points you get.

The playing instructions is so simple. Once you’ve installed, open it. Hit the play button, you could see a small monkey and some flying ballons on the air. Tap on the monkey in the screen and it starts jumping, now swipe the screen to the right & left to move the monkey on the air.

That’s it. When you start swiping right., left – the monkey keeps moving and when you hit the ballon you get points and you go upward further.

Watch out for the bird, which can give your extra bonus. You could submit your score to scoreboard and compare with others in the world.

Why not try it ? Download Jumping Monkey from the market.

Must Check : 15 Best Free Android Games

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