Find, Remove Inactive People from Your Circles on Google+


Similar to the Limit on adding friends on Facebook, Google+ too has a limit on adding people to your circles. Only 5000 people you can add it to your cricle, but it is unlimted when you can be on their circles. So choosing the right person to be in your circle is very much important. Sometimes, you may add a friend to your circle, on long run they may become inactive, so how to find inactive people in your Google+ cricle ? Here is a way to find out!

Uncircle Inactives+ is a google chrome extension that lets you easily find and uncircle (that is, remove) inactive people from all your Google+ circles (or selected circles) so that you can add more people to your circles later without reaching the 5000 limit. If you don’t like the idea of removing people in your circles, you can still use this tool to find those inactive people without removing them.

So how you do define one as Inactive ?

Inactive people are those people in your circles who have not shared anything (for example: original posts, reshares, private posts, public posts, hangouts, profile photo changes) with you at all or since a chosen date. Having at least 1 of these activities means that person is “active”. Having none of these activities means that person is “inactive”.

So all you need to do is, just install the extension. Once you’ve installed, you can find the small icon at the top beside address bar. click the icon and it will take you to a new tab page. Make sure you have logged into Google+ account before clicking the icon.

Now it logs into G+ account and finds all the inactive people from your circle. If you feel like you want to remove or avoid any particular circle, you can omit them from the list. Also you can define inactivity from a specific date.

Download Uncircle Inactives in Google+

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  1. Sameer says:

    This is cool tool to remove inactive people.. thanks for sharing..

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